The Crypto-candlesticks project 📈

The goal behind this project is to facilitate downloading cryptocurrency candlestick data fast & easily. Currently only the Bitfinex exchange is supported with more to come in future releases.

The command-line interface is built using Click which is intuitive and will prompt you for the commands.

Once the data is downloaded, it will be converted and stored in a .csv, .sqlite3 and .pickle file convenient for analysis. The data will include the Open, High, Low, Close of the candles and the volume during the interval.

Installation 💻

To install the Crypto-candlesticks project, run this command in your terminal:

$ pip install crypto-candlesticks

Or if you are using Poetry:

$ poetry add crypto-candlesticks


crypto-candlesticks can be used the following way:

"Welcome, what data do you wish to download?"

Which will prompt you for the arguments:

Cryptocurrency symbol to download (ie. BTC, ETH, LTC):
Base pair:
Interval to download the candlestick data:
Date to start downloading the data (ie. YYYY-MM-DD):
Date up to the data will be downloaded (ie. YYYY-MM-DD):

Or you can pass the arguments yourself and skip the prompt:

crypto-candlesticks [OPTIONS]
-s <symbol>, --symbol <symbol>

The ticker you wish to download, currently, only data from the Bitfinex exchange is supported. (e.g. [ BTC | ETH | LTC ] etc.)

-b <base currency>, --base_currency <base currency>

The base pair for the ticker. (e.g. [ USD | USDT | EUR | CNHT | GBP | JPY | DAI | BTC | EOS | ETH | XCHF | USTF0 ])

-i <interval>, --interval <interval>

The interval for each bar. (e.g. [ 1m | 5m | 15m | 30m | 1h | 3h | 6h | 12h | 1D | 7D | 14D | 1M ])

-sd <start date>, --start_date <start date>

YYYY, MM, DD from which the candlestick data will start. (e.g. [2018-01-01])

-ed <end date>, --end date <end date>

YYYY, MM, DD up to which the candlestick data will be downloaded. (e.g. [2020-01-01])


Display a short usage message and exit.